General Questions

When I start the game I am getting a message that it needs to be updated
Apple has added a message in the latest versions of iOS that displays when you first run some of our games warning that the game will not work with future versions of iOS. All of our Sudoku and word games have been updated to conform.
When I run the game all I get is a splash screen of a dinosaur and then it returns to my home screen.
Sometimes an installation through the App Store does not complete correctly.
Please try the following:

  • Remove the game from your iPhone or iPod Touch and restart your device.
  • Re-install from the App Store but wait several seconds after you see the name of the game appear under its icon.
How do I get the game from my computer to my iPhone or iPod Touch?
Apple has some great step-by-step guides on how to do this through iTunes.
Please visit the Apple iTunes Support site for more details.
I want to download the free game, but I do not have a credit card to make an account.
You can make an iTunes Store account without a credit card. Instructions are here:
Do I have the latest version?
Check the about screen on the game for your version. The latest versions available are:

Sudoku 2.1
Expert Sudoku 2.1
Color Sudoku 2.1
Sudoku Scrapbook 2.1
Sudoku SE 2.1
Sudoku HD 1.1
Expert Sudoku HD 1.1
Color Sudoku HD 1.1
Sudoku Scrapbook HD 1.1
Sudoku HD [Free] 1.1
Whirly Word 1.6
Whirly Word HD 1.2
Whirly Word (Free) 1.6
Word Detective 1.2
Kings Solitaire HD 1.0
How do I remove the game from my iPhone or iPod Touch?
To remove the game, touch and hold the icon until all icons on the screen ‘jiggle’. Then touch the ‘x’ on the top left corner of the icon and follow the prompts.
The game does not work on my iPod Nano or iPod Classic.
Our games only work on devices that run iOS which includes the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
If you downloaded the game to play on an iPod Nano or iPod Classic, please contact Apple for a complete refund. You can request a refund directly through iTunes. Instructions are here:


I downloaded the game but I do not know how to play Sudoku
Check out our simple how to play guide here.
I cannot solve the puzzle and the online solver I used says it requires guessing to finish.
All of our puzzles can be solved using just logic and do not require guessing. We have tested and verified all the puzzles for this. Some of the more difficult puzzles, especially those found in Expert Sudoku, require advanced logic techniques that most online solvers do not utilize. We can provide a complete solution to any of our puzzles upon request.

Whirly Word

I updated my iPad to iOS 7 and now the game is too large
In iOS 7, if you have a non-retina iPad – including the iPad Mini – the 1x/2x options to zoom and shrink your screen when running an iPhone app have been removed by Apple.
Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to fix this but please contact Apple and give them your feedback.
How do I see all the words that I cannot find?
All the remaining words are revealed when you touch ‘End’ to end your game or ‘Next’ to advance to the next puzzle.
How do I use the dictionary?
The dictionary is available at the end of each puzzle. Follow the instructions on screen to use it.
What do the colored badges shown next to the scores mean?
The colored badges show where your current score places you in the overall records.
Whirly Word does not accept a word that I know is a real word.
The Whirly Word dictionary is constantly being refined. If you find a word that you think should be accepted by the game but isn’t then please let us know.
Note, that like most popular word games, we do not include proper nouns in the game.
How does the scoring work in Whirly Word?
Basically, shorter words score less, longer words score more. For example, a three letter word will give you 10 points and a six letter word will give you 40 points.
What are the “A” and “P” badges and how do I earn them?
The badges are bonuses awarded for solving the puzzle. The ‘A’ bonus is awarded for finding all the words and the ‘P’ bonus is awarded for finding a palindrome. You can tap on any of the bonuses to see how many points they are worth.

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