Color Sudoku HD

Color your world!

3.5 stars

Color Sudoku HD3.5

16 Million Downloads

Color your world and your mind with this titillating twist on one of the most popular number games. We’ve replaced the numbers with colors on your Sudoku game board bringing you a whole new world of puzzle solving. Carefully created color schemes brings a limitless gaming experience!

If you like to play Sudoku, you will love the challenge of Color Sudoku HD!


  • 1,000 unique handcrafted puzzles
  • 4 different skill levels
  • 12 color schemes
  • Right or left handed game board
  • Portrait or landscape orientation
  • Show Incorrect :: Shows incorrect answers in red
  • Multiple Notes :: for each answer square
  • Smart Buttons :: Disables the number button when that number is completed on the game board
  • Smart Notes :: Removes the number from the notes in the box, column, and row that contains the cell with your correct answer
  • Challenge a Friend :: sends an email challenge to a friend so they can try to beat your best time. Tapping the Challenge link in the email automatically starts the game!
  • Pause the game at any time and resume where you left off
  • Hints, Best times, Progress statistics, and much more
  • Hours and hours of fun!

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